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What are Mushroom Spores?

The spore of a mushroom contains all of the necessary materials to form a new fungus. Once the spore has been released and is settled on the forest floor, it will begin sending out hyphae to help establish the fungus and gather food. After the spore has sent out its hyphae, they will eventually meet up with the hyphae of another mushroom. Mushroom spores – After the process of reproduction has begun, the mushroom forms the structures of a “fruiting body” that will eventually produce and disperse spores.

mushroom sporesThe button stage is the early form  of this fruiting body. What begins as a tiny button can grow into an impressive mushroom very quickly. Spores are composed of a single cell and set of chromosomes; however, housed inside each mushroom spore is all the material required to create a new primary mycelium, the name for the web-like roots of the mushroom buried in the earth. In other words, the fungi reproduce asexually – growing through mitotic division.

Types of Spore Strains

There are over 180 different species of psilocybin-containing mushrooms. These different strains are not necessarily abundant in the wild. Instead, have been selectively cultivated and stabilized over a specific period of time. Mushrooms of a specific strain are often cloned to prevent further genetic mutation of the variety, which would thus change its phenotypical (physical) characteristics. However, most of today’s strains come from one mushroom species: Psilocybe cubensis. Cubensis is the most popular magic mushroom variety, and it’s perhaps cultivated more often than it is found in the wild.

Here below is an example of a popular Psilocybe cubensis strains available today.

Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores

Golden Teacher mushroom spores are commonly advertised on mushroom spore sites. This strain belongs to the Psilocybe cubensis species. It typically features a light golden top and is often marketed as a strain that produces an introspective or wisdom-inspiring experience. However, it’s important to note that there’s no guarantee that any specific strain will produce any specific experience. All psilocybin mushrooms contain psilocybin, which is the compound that produces a psychotropic experience when its metabolized by the human body. You can also check on Gourmet mushroom spores if you’re as well looking for a great alternative to golden teachers. Another popular spore is the penis envy mushroom spores or B+ mushroom spores online.

How to Store Mushroom Spores

What is the best way to store magic mushroom spores? Storing mushroom spores can be tricky, however, it is an easy step-to-step procedure if you follow the guide quite well. Spore syringes can be stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, but they last significantly longer when placed in the refrigerator. We take great care in inspecting and packaging each individual spore syringe before shipment. Ideally, you would keep your syringe in it’s original sealed plastic bag and place in the refrigerator until you begin your research.

In a nutshell, spore syringes can be kept in the fridge for 18-24 months. However, some researchers have stated that they have stored spore syringes for multiple years and have found them to be viable for microscopic research.

Where to Buy Mushroom Spore Syringes

Are you looking to buy mushroom spores for sale online and wondering if you can buy mushroom spores legal online? This article is the perfect guide for you in your endeavors.

mushroom spore syringes, magic mushroom spores

Firstly, there are popular sites from which you can buy psilocybin spores for mushroom spore prints online and be sure to have a successful delivery to your doorstep.

Where to Buy Mushroom Spore Syringes in the UK

The sale of psilocybin spores in the UK is highly criminalize and worst, if caught buying it, which can lead to a jail term. However, they’re are allowed for reaserch purposes which is why we do have them listed on our website (very much licensed). 

Nonetheless, finding spores for sale can be tricky. Remember, spores are still taboo and the mushrooms themselves are illegal to cultivate. These days, most spores are purchased over the internet. As Chong suggests, “the best place to find educational vendors is Reddit on the group ‘SporeTraders’.” An “educational vendor” is a vendor who sells spores for the sole purpose of research, identification, and education. A good spore trader, like Mushroom Prints, will clearly identify that the spores should not be germinated into mycelium or fruiting mushrooms, which is illegal and will not answer questions via email about the cultivation of their psilocybin syringes.

Where to Buy Shroom Spores in Scotland

Scotland decriminalized magic mushrooms a couple of years back. This means that within the county limits, possessing psilocybe mushrooms is no longer something local law enforcement will spend resources on to go after or prosecute. Dealing mushrooms, however, is another story. 

Cultivating mushrooms for sale is still illegal in Scotland and Ireland, and law enforcement can still prosecute for selling anything that contains psilocybin. Rather, Denver decriminalization initiatives protect adults aged 21 and over who use or possess mushrooms for personal use. And, it’s important to point out, these decriminalization initiatives apply only to the Scotland. Still, you can buy spores online from local traders or online from our store without persecution.

The Life Cycle of Mushrooms 🍄

Practically, there are four basic steps in the life cycle of a fungi. In reality, there are many sub-steps of the process. But this model provides a good overview in terms of how fungi grows from birth to death as seen below.

mushroom life cycle

Spore Phase

Shroom spores are tiny microscopic reproductive units that are produced by fungi (as well as some types of plants and algae). You can think of the spore phase as both the beginning and end of the mushroom’s life. That is, a mushroom has fulfilled its purpose once it has fully matured and released its spores. 

Germ Phase

Don’t be misled by the name. This doesn’t have anything to do with bacteria or disease. A mushroom spore can detect once they’re somewhere with proper moisture and food present. Then they germinate and form something called a germ tube.

A germ tube is the first multicellular outgrowth from a single-celled spore. It begins the process of differentiating and growing via mitosis.

Hyphae Phase

The germ tube eventually begins to grow into something called hyphae. These are structures that a fungus uses to begin to gather nutrients and energy, as well as grow even further. Also, hyphae look like long, thin strings that spread out through a growing medium. They release digestive enzymes that break down food to fuel more growth.

Mature Mycelium Phase

Once hyphae begins to form a larger colony, we refer to it as mycelium. Mycelium are essentially the mushroom roots. Large organized groups of hyphae is referred to as mycelium. So we could say that all mycelium is made of hyphae. But not all hyphae have necessarily formed a mycelium colony yet, depending on how far along in their life cycle they are. Once the mushroom fully matures, it releases its spores and the process starts all over again.

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