benefits of amazonian magic mushrooms

What are Amazonian Mushrooms?

Amazonian magic mushrooms or Amazonian shrooms as simply called are a kind of mushroom that creates both psychedelic and hallucinogenic visuals. They were commonly seen in the Amazon, discovered in rich soils and horse manure. They best did well in the Amazon because of the humidity that is available in the Amazon. If you must grow Amazonian mushrooms, you should imitate its initial environment to start flourishing. Are you interested in our Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms?

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What are effects of Amazonian Shrooms?

Because of its high psilocybin content, the mushrooms create dominant effects. Psilocin and psilocybin impact high level of serotonin once consumed. This explains why a lot of users assert a heightened mood. Moreover, the thalamus is immediately affected. Hence, psilocin creates hallucinations. The primary sensation experienced by many psychonauts when they consume amazonians is the delirious psychedelic feeling that they pass on.

Also they may feel a few effects such as tranquility, time dilation, and unanimity with nature. This is much the same with the original humans that used these fungi many years ago. Furthermore, nowadays users encounter boosted spiritual sensations. Consuming an average dose of Amazonian shrooms create a psychoactive encounter. On the other hand, consuming a huge dosage (2.5 grams) will likely create compelling hallucinations. These mushrooms are perfect selection for either small and big gatherings or celebrations which makes it most purchased shrooms of all time. Buy Amazonian magic mushrooms online in the UK for a useful impact on the mind.

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Benefits of Amazonian magic mushrooms

Amazonian shrooms soothes anxiety

If you are the kind of person who suffers from anxiety, you are practically reading what’s meant for you. Psilocybin mushrooms can help reduce your anxiety levels. A study conducted by a team of scientists at John Hopkins showed that moderate doses of shrooms in conjunction with psychotherapy helped patients overcome anxiety.

Amazonian mushrooms lowers depression

You may not know, but Canadians are ranked as one of the highest users of antidepressants in the world. Amazonian shrooms alleviates OCD symptoms, a condition that’s associated with unreasonable thoughts. Psilocybin works together with certain serotonin receptors in the brain region of individuals with OCD.

Amazonian Shrooms can treat addiction

Whether you’re addicted to smoking, alcohol or cocaine, psilocybin mushrooms could provide the answer to breaking these habits. Shrooms treat substance abuse disorders like alcohol and cocaine addiction. People can shake out of their routines using well-coordinated psilocybin therapy sessions.

Stimulates the growth of new brain cells

Psilocybin helps the brain establish new connections across its different region. Also, it can help the growth of neurons in the brain. Research done by the University of South Florida showed that psilocybin enabled lab rats to overcome their fear. This was done by promoting the growth of new neurons in the brains, a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity. In addition, psilocybin repairs and grows brain cells by binding itself to receptors in the nerve cells that stimulate healing.

Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

Following that psilocybin promotes neuroplasticity; they give rise to some enduring effects on cognitive process. Also, psilocybin shrooms treat depression that comes with an alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Conclusively, Amazonian mushrooms are another interesting type of mushroom that is worth trying. These mushrooms exhibit impressive facts about its potency, effects, visual looks and characteristics. Now you know more about Amazonian magic mushrooms, visit our shop catalogue to buy some of our Amazonian psilocybin mushrooms.

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