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Copelandia Mushrooms

Copelandia mushrooms grow throughout the Hawaiian islands where there is plenty of rain and grassy cattle and horse pastures.

Panaeolus Cyanescens mushrooms are the most common on the islands, but panaeolus cambodginiensis and panaeolus tropicals can also be found on the islands.  Pretty much anywhere you can find grass pastures with cows or horses and moisture you have a great chance of finding these beautiful white mushrooms.

 This species of mushrooms grows directly out of aged dung. They thrive during the rainy seasons but in Hawaii that can be at different places of the island depending on the time of year. What a joy to find to find these beautiful medicinal mushrooms on such a beautiful tropical island.

 The panaeolus cyanescens are considered a prize mushroom by some because of healing abilities to heal migraine headaches.

How to Grow Hawaiian Copelandia Mushrooms



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