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Buy mescaline cacti online in the UK

Our website offers naturally grown and free-of-pest mescaline cactus. We mostly sell San Pedro Cactus and also make available seeds for sale. You can simply and easily buy mescaline cacti online in the UK from us by browsing through our cactus catalog. Also, you can buy mescaline cacti seeds from us and grow your own. This is of course nice to do, to take good care of the little cactus and to watch it grow. You can order the seeds of the San Pedro and the Peyote cactus online in our webshop. The packaging is neutral (stealth packed) and of course safe, so that the mescaline cactus arrives at you in top condition.

A piece of history

The original inhabitants of Mexico and the surrounding countries used mescaline cacti for their mind-altering effects. Mostly they were used by shamans during ceremonies. The substance mescaline was only discovered at the end of the 19th century by the German Arthur Heffter. Mail order variety of mescaline cacti in the UK online.

properties of the mescaline cactus

There are various psychedelic substances, such as the well-known magic mushrooms contain psilocybin. In mescaline cacti it is the substance mescaline that provides the mind-altering effect. Its effects are similar to those of LSD and magic mushrooms. In Central America they have been using the cacti for centuries. Mescaline is still used during sacred rituals and for one’s own spiritual development. But of course you can also just use it recreationally.

uses of mescaline Cactus

Mescaline cacti can be used in different ways. Firstly, you can eat them raw, although they don’t taste very good. They are very bitter. Also, the cactus can be dried. You have to take into account that this increases the effect of the mescaline when you dry them. In addition to eating them raw, you can make tea from the dried and fresh cactus. Though, if you use fresh cactus for tea, you have a greater chance that it will make you nauseous, because of the bitter taste.

You might be interested to try our San Pedro Echinopsis Pachanoi. Visit our mescaline cacti catalog to buy mescaline cactus online in the UK.

The effects of mescaline cacti

If you are going to trip with mescaline, this can have different effects. It is impossible to predict in advance how you will react, because that depends on the dosage, your sensitivity and your mood. The most common effects are:

  • Hallucinations
  • Bright colors
  • An altered perception of time
  • Euphoric feelings
  • A Changed Consciousness
  • You can change the way you think

Not only can you enjoy a special, mind-expanding experience with mescaline cacti. You can also gain insight into yourself and get answers to questions you have. It is possible to have an in-depth conversation with yourself. Due to the special effects this substance has on your brain, many people in Silicon Valley use mescaline for microdosing.

Buy mescaline cacti online in UK

In our webshop you will find two different types of mescaline cacti. You can easily tell them apart, because they each look very different.

Peyote cactus

Despite its smaller size, the peyote cactus contains the highest concentration of mescaline, the psychoactive substance. The cactus has no spines and has a round spherical shape. The scientific name of the Peyote is Lophophora Williamsii. If you take the cactus raw, dried or make a tea from it, you will ingest mescaline and you will experience the mind-altering effects.

San Pedro cactus

The San Pedro cactus, also known as Trichocereus pachanoi, is larger than the Peyote. Not just slightly bigger, these cacti can grow huge. The San Pedro also contains mescaline and can be used for tripping. It grows naturally in Peru and Ecuador.

Some Varieties to Buy from Us

San Pedro Echinopsis pachanoi

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The taste of mescaline cacti

It is a fact that mescaline cacti do not taste very good. That’s because of the amount of mescaline they contain. This substance is very bitter. But have you eaten a cactus and it is not bitter? Then this cactus contained little to no mescaline and you will not get a trip. This is only possible if there is enough of this psychoactive substance in it. Buy Mescaline Cacti online in the UK. Have fun!

What is the reason that you can only buy mescaline cacti and seeds?

The substance mescaline may not be legally sold in the UK. This is a similar situation as with magic mushrooms. Of these, only grow kits and seeds may be sold for research purposes. That way you can still purchase these and decide for yourself whether you want to use the cacti because of their psychoactive properties.

Buy Mescaline Cacti Online in the UK.