Mushroom Spores

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What are mushroom spores?

Not only magic mushrooms, but regular mushrooms also drop spores. But what are traces? Spores are viable just like a fertilized seed of a plant. The mushroom spores are located under the hat and between the slats. This can be different with other mushroom species, not every mushroom has slats under the hat. When the fruit of the mycelium has emerged (this is the magic mushroom) it will eventually want to reproduce itself. As the mushroom’s hat opens, the spores fall directly to the ground or are carried away by the wind. Spores are usually dark purple or black in color, it looks like powder.

What is a mushroom spore print?

A spore print is an impression taken from the underside of the psilocybin mushroom with the spores. The slats, which are located under the hat, are clearly visible on the spore print. On the spores printout (the spore print) there are millions of mushroom spores. You can use these for growing psilocybin mushrooms. Of course, you must have purchased growing supplies in advance. Because growing magic mushrooms with a spore print is not very easy as with a grow kit.

Is growing psilocybin mushrooms with a spore print easy?

If you have no knowledge about growing psychedelic mushrooms or mushrooms, we advise against growing mushrooms with a spore print. We sell enough grow kits of different strengths with which you can grow magic mushrooms in an easy way. The instructions are simple and everything you need is included with the grow kit. Growing spore magic mushrooms is not easy. If you still want to start growing mushrooms with spores, choose a spore-syringe. These already contain spores and can be immediately inoculated into a sterilized substrate.

Spore print and spore vials for the real professional mushroom grower

If you are advanced in growing magical psychedelic mushrooms or ordinary mushrooms, we recommend a spore print or a spore bottle. We have already explained what a spore print is above, so we will explain what a spore bottle is below.

What is a psychedelic mushroom spore vial:

A psychedelic magic mushroom spore vial  is a bottle that contains millions of viable mushroom spores. With this you can really grow kilos of magic mushrooms! Because this bottle contains a lot of traces, we recommend working with a Liquid Culture. This allows you to dilute the concentration a bit so that you do not overdose the substrate with spores when inoculated. If you don’t do this, too many mushrooms will grow in a small area, and you want to avoid this.

Where can you buy a mushroom spore print?

You can easily buy a magic mushroom spore print from UK Psychedelic Shrooms Store! In our mushroom shop you will not only find a mushroom spore print or spore vial, no, absolutely not! We offer many different types of articles related to mushrooms and magic mushrooms. Magic truffles are also part of the mycelium from which the mushroom grows. Moreover, we also have a nice collection of medicinal mushrooms if tripping is not really your thing. Can’t make a choice with a spore print or when choosing the right mushroom species or grow kit? Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!