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Psychedelic Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are informal fungi containing psilocybin and psilocin which naturally grow in the wild. They are wide known for their hallucinogenic properties as they produce psychedelic effects when consumed due to their active component, psilocin. Magic mushrooms are also known as psilocybin shrooms or psychedelic mushrooms. They are also well known for their health benefits which is why, they’ve become very popular in today’s society. Buy psychedelic magic mushrooms online in the UK now and benefit from their magic.

Types of Magic Shrooms

There are more than 100 different types of magic mushrooms. However, our main focus here is the Psilocybe cubensis. From our online store, you can find a variety of mushroom strains carefully picked for your consumption.

buy psychedelic magic mushrooms for sale uk
Buy magic mushrooms for sale UK

Here below is a brief list of our catalogue:

Visit our online shop now and browse through our strains our shrooms if you’re looking to buy psilocybin magic mushrooms in the UK.

Where to Buy Magic Mushrooms in the UK?

Are you looking to buy psilocybin magic shrooms online in the UK? If so, then you have come to the right place. You didn’t get to find yourself on our site by mistake. You probably were redirected to our site either from a search engine, social media or by words of recommendations.

We stock a satisfactory list of psilocybin containing mushrooms on our online catalogue with great explanation of their effects and benefits. Do not hesitate to browse through now and make a selection of items you would love to order from us. You can mail order or buy psilocybin psychedelic magic mushrooms or shrooms for sale online in the UK from your favourite store, UK Psychedelics Store.

Why Mail Order or Buy Magic Mushrooms in UK from Us?

Firstly, we provide a safe and secure online gateway payment method. Our clients and patients are provided the opportunity to make purchase using the most encrypted and secured online payment method, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency assets. Also, our clients are capable of making payments using bank transfer or PayPal.

Furthermore, our mushrooms are naturally grown from well selected organic grains with no additives. They are safe from pest and can be consumed with no harm.

Lastly but not the least, we do take pride in keeping our clients details secured and ensuring a safe and discreet successful delivery. We have a high rate of successful shipping rates and our clients stay satisfied.

Buy your psilocybin shrooms now using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency assets and get a 15% discount on your total purchase any time your order from us.

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